Learn about Bobbie Jo’s Amazing lifetime of passionate Harp, Voice, Flute and Musical Performance.

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Bobbie Jo Curley
has been a musician from a very early age
and is attracted to many instruments: piano, guitar, Celtic harp,
various ethnic flutes (Crystal Glass, Native American, Peruvian),
the Chapman Stick, Didgeridoo and percussion.

Bobbie Jo has taught and performed music and voice in
Los Angeles for over 25 years.
Her recordings range from meditation to traditional to
Classical and Christmas to Blues

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from each Music Album

Bobbie Jo fell in love with the harp and its beauty about 30 years ago
and it seems to have become one of her limbs!
She teaches, performs, plays for any event...
(wedding, party, dinner engagements, etc.)
and offers her musical expertise through her upcoming books and
instructional videos on harp playing, singing and
learning how to do both!

Bobbie Jo has been in many bands throughout the years---
PAX, Sagewing, sit-in player with Mystic Journey,
Shawna Selline and Friends, and others.
She has played for the likes of Timothy Leary
(at his ‘goodbye birthday party’),
Dr. Jonas Salk (at the Pacific Design Center when he was
honored by the AIA for his work on the Salk institute)
... shared the stage with Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger,
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Fred Starner
Bobbie Jo has played for Julie Andrews
(at a Private Wedding in Santa Monica)
and other events such as Earth Day Celebrations
(at the Bioshphere in Arizona during the dedication of the
Wyland Wall on the Ocean Biome),
Irish Faires (she won two Triplett harps in competitions there), Harp Conventions and Somerset Folk Harp Shows, Radio Shows,
Eco Expos, Namm Shows, and so many more.

She recently voyaged with her family and talents for nearly 4 years
around the
South Pacific on their 51 ft. sailboat Hipnautical
while in a musical duet of the same name with her husband Roger
performing their heartfelt passionate music throughout
the Pacific Island Nations.
Now here on Maui they have brought their harmonious musical talents
together with the Spirit of the Pacific they became so in tune with
along their sailing adventures combining our. 

Thru our music we bring an island Spirit we’ve experienced
in the remote island paradises of our Sailing Adventures
to our wonderful new home here in Maui. 

“learning other ways to honor the ether with sound”
Bobbie Jo looks forward to
touching people with her music,
which speaks of old and new, folk and funk…
merging our circles towards a deeper understanding
of our world and ourselves.

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Bobbie Jo has a natural talent to help you reach within & inspire your inner musical creativeness.

Expressing one’s spirit, soul & passion thru music goes a long way toward the fulfillment one’s heart!