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These album recordings were done with Audiophile quality.

My husband Roger Curley recorded all but

Spiral of Souls & The Versatile Celtic Harp

at ‘Jamland’ - our recording studio in Los Angeles


All of these recordings are available in ether

CD form, CD or DVD Data Disks, Island Style Bamboo USB

most with jewel case & artwork,

some of these would be shipped as

‘one-off’ CDs without printed artwork


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All of the art work for all the Albums are available Free from this site

 just ‘right-click’ a photo & ‘save as’…


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Album Art - Info and Hear Samples of each song

Spiral of Souls

Features the soothing Angelic Voice & the

Spiritually tingling Harp work of

Bobbie Jo Curley

along with her musical friends of the

Harp, guitar, double harp, percussion, vocals, and harmonies


a Fusion of Celtic Harp & Soulfully Jazzy Blues!

Featuring Bobbie Jo's Masterful Harp work

Recorded with a Live Rhythm section featuring a

Groovin' Jazz Drummer &

Soulful Fretless Bass Extraordinaire...

with a feel of a Swank Jazzy Blues Club!

Aeolian Dreams by Bobbie Jo Curley

A wonderful meditation CD that serenely carries you away to

softly lapping waves on tranquil beaches,

to babbling brooks, gentle waterfalls & calming forests.

Bobbie Jo Curley

Plays a wide variety of 'world instruments' such as the

Mayan flute, native American flutes, djembe, hand percussion & allows the

wind to play the Aeolian scale of Celtic Harp.


The wind plays the harp like an Angelic Spirit,

a Heavenly tone flows forth in a manner that

calms the Soul & 'grounds' the Spirit.

A Christmas Selection - Celtic harp and voice


Bobbie Jo takes you around the world with these

Traditional Christmas Favorites with her

Heavenly Harp and Angelic Vocals


‘A Christmas Selection‘is Sung in

English, French and German


Sacred International Christmas Music Celtic Harp and Vocals,

Always a great seasonal music treat,

Bobbie Jo really sets an enchanting mood with this

Blessed Selection of Christmas Songs

Celtic Blues

Solo Harp and Voice—Bluesy, folksy, sensual and Traditional

A collection of Classic heartfelt soulful songs that have inspired

Bobbie Jo Curley to write a few more in this theme of Celtic Blues


Bobbie Jo blends her Traditional Celtic roots

with modern contemporary styles

bridging 100’s of years of influential Harp and Vocal music


A master Harpist and a world treasure of Vocals,

Bobbie Jo brings her sincere passion to such spiritual, soulful lyrics and

Embodies them into captivating songs that enlighten for life times


Folk Favorites

Take a journey into the world of Celtic and Folk music with

Bobbie Jo’s exquisite Harp playing and her Angelic Voice


Traditional folk songs are featured

along with some of her original compositions

Get transported to a different time…a different place.

Celtic Instrumental Meanderings



These Solo Harp and Flute recordings features

Bobbie Jo Curley

Completely Live in the studio


It captures her seemingly

Spiritual Connection to her Harps & Flutes


Enchanting you with her amazing talents of musical improvisation

Much of this beautiful recording is quite organic and free flowing


a Meandering of

Musical Meditations



Two Woldsong Celtic Harpists, Elegant Vocal arrangements & Violin


The goal of this compilation of songs from these various artists

was to

Show the depth of versatility in the Celtic Harp

and how possible it is for this instrument

to do chromatic and complex pieces—

everything from Opera to Traditional to Contemporary

A Sailing Adventure

by Roger Curley


The fantasy of sailing thousands of miles at sea

to mysterious Islands

are portrayed in this exciting album!


Experience the Spirit of the Pacific

that has touch our souls from the countless

but never forgotten islands we have visited

on our own sailing adventures


With over 20 Voices and over 30 Instruments

from Around the World

Each song tells part of an amazing story

as you are taken on a musical journey

that will entice your Adventurous human nature!

SAGEWING Under the Big Sky

Sagewing music is a

transformational Folk/Rock Chamber experience,

with Vocal & Acoustic songs Reflecting the wonder of our planet

 and the interconnectedness of all beings...


Harp, Flute, Cello, Violin, Guitar & full vocal arrangments


This recording of calming Meditative Celtic Harp

Will take you away towards inner piece

Just Relax

let Shawna’s pure Celtic Harp Tones

drift you along to peaceful places

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