Take the First Step

Along the Path of your Inner Inspirations

Bobbie Jo Curley


Give your child the gift of an all around music learning experience

From a young age with learning basic rhythm instructijons to

 learning basic notes and scales with a traditional recorder flute

to selecting an instrument that calls to them...

Piano, Harp, Guitar, various ethnic flutes...


They can learn to sing

then learn how to sing and accompany themselves

on thier choice of instruments


With the interest of a small group of inspired vocalists...

Bobbie Jo can put together vocal harmony class

with an integrated choir experience


Bobbie Jo has performed music and voice in

Los Angeles for over 25 years

Teaching privately and at the Glendale unifide district

and a Waldorf school in the San Fernado Valley

After her Sailing Adventures with her family in the South Pacific


For the last 6+ years

She has been teaching privatly and the Haleakala Waldorf school

and performing here on Maui to sold out concerts the MACC


With more and more public and even private schools

eliminating thier music programs

Your best opportunity for enhancing

your child's musical development is with Bobbie Jo's

Highly Acclaimed Music Learning Experience


Many of the music programs that are missing from our

public schools and even costly private schools

Are presented with a one-on or small group experience

with the personal touch that inspires excellence

in fulfilling your childs musical development


“learning other ways to honor the ether with sound”

Bobbie Jo looks forward to

touching people with her music,

which speaks of old and new, folk and funk…

merging our circles towards a deeper understanding

of our world and ourselves.

Bobbie Jo "Unleashed" on Piano and Voice

Teresa Skinner Violin

"Bridge Over Troubled Water"


Spring concert Bonus Performance Duet

Spring concert Highlights of Bobbie Jo Curley


Enhancing the Musical Experience of 1st thru 8th grade


"Kids" of all ages


is the most important

'Second Language'


Fulfill your Deepest Inspirations of Expression

by learning this 'Second Language'

Bobbie Jo not only teaches

Piano, Harp, Voice, Choir, Flutes, Guitar, Ukulele

She instills a Natural connection to the Music Theory

So you won't just be reciting and memorizing songs...

You will be speaking the Language of Music

from the Depths of your Inner Being

Study Music with Bobbie Jo

and soon you will be enjoying views like this

Take the First Step along the Path

of Your Musical Inspirations