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Blowing Free by Wishbone Ash

This song is from my early progressive rock days.
The catchy ‘D’ chord riff played up & down the neck
provided just the right amount of technical guitar flair
intertwined in a snazzy Rockin’ Irish Jig groove.

The harp & guitar combine to a nice pleasing palette of acoustic tone.
This was the 1
st time Bobbie & I have ever played this song together & captured live 7-10-12 Maui.

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Chaced on a stormy passage

I wrote the first part of this instrumental song
while working at Chace Productions in Burbank California.

Somewhere in the south pacific
after a particularly stormy passage
I wrote the rest while at anchor in a very tranquil &
quite remote bay.

Read More ;-)

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Colors of Life - Bobbie Jo Curley

Bobbie’s mastery at weaving deep meaningful lyrical music
that ponders life’s biggest questions

The colors of life are relative to our life’s journey
we discern from our heart the feelings we have within
like the green of a tree

does this give our souls the seeds that will sprout the ‘Truth’…

The colors of life paint our world
& how we are influenced along our life’s path

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Come Together

This is the classic Beatles song done in our classic Hipnautical style. In the Hawaiian traditional ‘Slack Key’ tuning of D-Wahine &
Bobbie Jo on her Chapman Stick
we offer a real blusy funky version ;-)

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Flower Song - Bobbie Jo Curley

Bobbie Jo enjoys life’s simple pleasures
& writes the most incredible songs that all can love
but few can put to words & even fewer can
play the harp with such intriguing mastery

Bobbie Jo likes to have her morning coffee
while she waters her garden.
Often as the sun is coming up there a few flowers that
begin to open up to the sun.
This all happens within 5 to 10 minuets;
A natural beauty that seems to bless the rest of the day

Enjoy ;-)

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Mokohinau Live 7-10-12

Mokohinau, an original instrumental piece by Roger Curley

Mokohinau is an island off New Zealand
which the local advise is
not to attempt to get near during 'unsettled weather'...

New Zealand has 'heaps' of unsettled weather so it was a
lucky few days of awesome natural beauty
sea caves, time worn sandstone sculptures
crystal clear water (...cold as!), kayak & snorkeling...

& Plenty of time to play my guitar to the tune of this
Temporarily tranquil place

With our boat gently floating to our anchor chain
we're snug within a labyrinth rocky islets, nooks & crannies

We found a spot just past these monoliths to set our hook in
clear water & vertical cliff walls nearly all around us
The water was unseasonably calm
For hours a day I'd let the feel of this magical place
take my music to calmer depths within

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Natural Beauty

Neil Young -
Sings for the hope of one day mankind will become smart enough to protect our wild forests.

Perhaps after we get over our inherent greed we may be able to live
in harmony with our one & only planet and just MAYBE
there will be a planet left that can sustain any kind of life

For decades...
more than an acre of old growth Amazon forests
is decimated each second of the day!…
do the math & have a strong drink :-O

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On your way down

This classic Little Feat song is fun to Belt out in a
Basically Southern Baptist Bodacious Bible Belt
Bluesy-Woosie Boogie!

Enjoy the southern fried over blown blues riffs & soulful harmony ;-)

Some folks a wee bit trouble with the big fishies ;-)

On your way down & still kickin ass!

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Palace of Versailles

Al Stewart can write a pretty damn interesting song
about history stuff…
This little ditty eloquently depicts the scene in France during the Revolution in which the royalty
in the Palace of Versailles
fled for their lives
and then in modern times how one reflects upon the
monumental times of the past.

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Slow Down Your Heart by Bobbie Jo Curley
from her album 'Heavenly Blues'

A Zen like call to calm one's anxious Soul
Look 'Within' and be at 'One' with your Spirit
& your Life's Path

Bobbie Jo speaks to the core of the ‘mysterious conundrum’ that often eludes our conscious life
We are often too wrapped up in the ‘Rat Race’
to slow down & enjoy the simple passage of time

We forget to ‘Slow Down’ & ‘smell the Roses’
“How can we see beads of dew,
dancing with the sun when we are running away”?

More info ;-)

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This picture shows us taking Bobbie Jo's harp to shore for the 'first ever' wedding on Suwarrow.
check out the whole pictorial ;-)

& the wedding ;-)

Suwarrow Live 7-10-12 Original composition by Roger Curley

Suwarrow atoll was one of the most beautiful
tropical islands that we had the chance to sail to
Turquoise crystal clear water, abundant fish to catch & eat
The land crabs were a big treat,
the bird life here is like few other places in the world
(No we didn't eat any birds, but the care taker made us some spiffy woven hat's with very long & special bird tail feathers that the birds leave behind ;-).

It is here while at anchor among this splendid beauty I would play my guitar & take in serene scenes. I wrote an instrumental song that still takes me back to the clear waters, swaying palms and the gentle roll of the calm sea within the coral atoll at Suwarrow. I have a strong desire to return & write an entire album there ;-)

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Thanks You Live 7-10-12

Bobbie Jo wrote this shortly after her brother passed away
He is missed badly by all but it forced her to
be thankful for all the wonderful things that are in our life

She thanks the moon & stars, the beautiful seas
the sand on the beach, the wondrous sunsets
& the heavens above where here brother & parents
help paint the skies for us each sunset…

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Wahine Medley - Live composition by Hipnautical

a Chapman Stick & Guitar

Take a meander with us to a relaxing musical moment as we
noodle around the Hawaiian slack key of D Wahine
We ghost thru a medley of recognizable Beatles tunes
as we noodle along ;-)

It’s live & were just
"makin’ it up as we go along"…

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When I Think on You - Bobbie Jo Curley

Before we sailed off on our sailing adventures
Bobbie Jo had taught chorus to
an entire elementary school for 8 years
She had watched them grow up & go off as they do…

On Bobbie Jo’s last day each of her students & she had the whole school, each student brought her a big post sized going away card, about a foot & a half my over two feet. All saying how much her music meant to them, lot’s of sailboats & water & love…& all plastic coated like they do so well back in school ;-) She brought home hundreds of these giant cards & brought a tear again when she showed me.

She wrote most of this song just before set sail on our journeys & finished it on a long over night passage while on watch with a moonless starry night. Sailing thru he near darkness in the rich waters off shore, the glowing phosphorescence was a stunning sight...
& the mind easily drifts off to wander thru the memories & her many choral kids where there dancing in the phosphorescent waves ;-)

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This fallen angel probably got the boot for causing
too many 'un-pure thoughts' among the flock ... ;-)

When the Angels Fall

Sting contemplates the good dreams we have when the angels are watching over us like we’re soaring with the seagulls. When the angels fell from grace, are they free to now haunt our dreams?

He goes deeper into the metaphysical realms which are interesting
but the music in itself is Hauntingly brilliant

Bobbie Jo weaves a moving harp arrangement
which eerily melds with my guitar work

Our vocals have a serious mystic to them as well
& all blends together eloquently ;-)

More Info ;-)

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Why Should I Cry

Whether one is missing a loved one or have come to a devastating dead end in a relationship…
The deep emotions can put you adrift in a far away place…
Under the stars you sail NNW,
Under the Artic Fire, over seas of silence,
Sailing until it becomes freezing,
Hauling on frozen ropes, for all my days remaining…

You carry this burden of lost love like these endless boat chores
Always asking the question:
Should I have done it differently?

Why should I Cry for you,
you broke my heart…but yet I cry.