Heavenly Blues a fusion of Celtic Harp & Soulfully Jazzy Blues
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  • Heavenly Blues CD quality audio file download

    Heavenly Blues CD quality audio file download


    a Fusion of Celtic Harp & Soulfully Jazzy Blues!
    "Has the 'Feel' of a Swanky Jazz Club!"
    Bobbie Jo's "HEAVENLY BLUES" is a
    Fusion of Celtic Harp & Soulfully Jazzy Blues!
    Featuring Bobbie Jo's Masterful Harp work
    recorded with a Live Rhythm section
    including a Groovin' Jazz Drummer &
    Soulful Fretless Bass Extraordinaire!

    Countless months in the studio was spent
    creating master piece Sound-Scapes
    with a pallet of ear-gaz-mic textures featuring
    Tenor & Soprano Sax, Cello,
    6 string & 12 string Acoustic guitars,
    Hauntingly possessed electric guitars,
    Piano, a vast array of percussion instruments &
    the most “Heavenly” vocals this side of the ‘Big Bang’!

    This is the
    Audiophile Digital Download version! ;-)
    16bit 44.1 wav file

    Discerning ears wills prefer this
    Pure uncompressed audio file!

    This album is delivered as zip file, however,
    There is NO Compression or loss of original data.
    Zip files use a ‘Loss-Less’ process.
    The audio files are restored to their exact original .wav format.

  • Heavenly Blues Album

    Heavenly Blues Album


    a Fusion of Celtic Harp & Soulfully Jazzy Blues!

    This Digital download format is
    Mp3 192kb/sec

  • Heavenly Blues CD

    Heavenly Blues CD


    a Fusion of Celtic Harp & Soulfully Jazzy Blues!

    Free Shipping included in prices !!

    This is the CD version
    with jewel case & CD art


  • Heavenly Blues - Color Sunday Blue

    Heavenly Blues - Color Sunday Blue


    Passionate Tribute
    to Billy Holiday
    A Bobbie Jo Original composition with a feel of a swank Jazzy Blues Club!

  • Wings of Peacefull Will

    Wings of Peacefull Will


    There is power in dreams…
    There is power in hope
    Love and Peace

  • Oh to Become

    Oh to Become


    When people can't talk things out the heart can feel too heavy

  • Slow Down Your Heart

    Slow Down Your Heart


    A Zen like call
    to calm one’s anxious Soul
    Look within and be
    at ‘One’
    with your Spirit &
    your Life’s Path

  • This Game

    This Game


    Our ‘so called Rules of Life’
    Are intended for our Forward & Upward Growth
    If you are stuck in the ‘Game of Life’…
    It’s time to break free & Truly LIve

  • The Choosing

    The Choosing


    Deep awareness of our daily choices
    And what will be left for our
    Children’s Children’s Children :-O

  • Stillness of Breath

    Stillness of Breath


    If it’s hard to say what needs to be said, the answer lies in the stillness of breath.

  • Awakenings



    A Deja Vous….have we met somewhere, someplace, in a different time, a different place?

  • Love Has No Walls

    Love Has No Walls


    Love is one of those vibrations that has no boundary…your loved ones can feel you through the miles.

  • Listen- Heavenly Blues

    Listen- Heavenly Blues


    A tribute to Mono Lake, CA…another wild place threatened by man’s encroachment.

  • Into ONE

    Into ONE


    In the circles of life, coming ‘round and ‘round again…we really fade back Into One.

  • Between the Silence

    Between the Silence


    What is Between the Sound and Silence? Union of Souls.

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