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Harpsicle® Harp

Designed like the Renaissance harp

the Harpsicle Harp can be played in the keys of

C, A minor and all other modes of the C scale

or tuned to any other scale

There is a wealth of music published in these keys


It has no bridge pins which offers the purest of tone

and an Astonding resonance and projection


This lovely little lap harp is perfect for beginners

or the traveling harpist!

Starting at $499

Haven’t ya always wanted to play the Harp


There is an Acoustic/Electric option available now:

You can choose to have an internal electric pickup installed so you can plug in to an amplifier and

‘Rock Out!’

Shipping for Harpsicle® Harps within the

continental United States of America is about $55

Sharpsicle® Harps

are almost identical to Harpsicle® Harps

but they have the addition of bridge pins and

Modified Robinson sharping levers on the

C and F strings.

This allows you to play the harp in 6 different keys without retuning the instrument—

C, G, D major and A, E, and B minor.


Starting at $660

Flatsicle® Harps

are nearly identical to Sharpsicle® Harps

with the only addition being modified Robinson levers

also on the B Strings.

With levers on the C, F AND B strings,

the harpist can play in 8 different keys!

C, G, D, and F Major—and A, E, B, and D minor.


Starting at $699

Fullsicle® Harps

are the top of the line of Harpsicles with

modified Robinson sharping levers on every string,

allowing the harpist to play in every key!

With a Fullsicle® Harp the complete range of lever music

is available to the happy harpist!


Starting at $899

The Grand Harpsicle® Harp

has 33 strings and is the ‘first ever’

Featherweight electric /semi-acoustic levered harp

that weighs only 10 pounds—

no more than an electric guitar!!


Its range goes from Great C

(two octaves below middle C) to the G above High C

With Modified Robinson levers on every string,

again, the whole library of lever music

is available to the harpist.


It can be played as a floor harp with the detachable legs,

which are included, without the legs as a lap harp,

or you can use a strap (any guitar strap will work)

and play it standing if you’re the

Energetic and engaging performer!


This harp can be played acoustically

or through an amplifier

There is an Acoustic/Electric option Built In!

You have an internal electric pickup installed so you can plug in to an amplifier and ‘Rock On!’


The Grand Harpsicle® Harp is wonderful for

therapy work because of its extended range,

its featherweight and mobility.

A boon for the busy gigging harpist!


Starting at $1799

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