Celtic harp and Voice, Traditional Celtic Folk Songs, Angelic vocals
Celtic harp and voice; traditional Celtic and folk songs with the lovely voice of Bobbie Jo melding with the ethereal and ancient sound of the harp

Celtic harp and voice,
Traditional Celtic and Folk songs with the
lovely Voice of Bobbie Jo melding with
the Ethereal and Ancient sound of the Harp

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Bobbie Jo with Triple strung Celtic Harp in Fern Garden

Take a journey into the world of Celtic and Folk music with Bobbie Jo’s exquisite harp playing and her angelic voice. Traditional folk songs are featured along with some of her original compositions

Get transported to a different time…a different place

Coo Coo

This enchanting song about the Coo Coo and her pretty voice harken to the pretty maid and her plights with love.

She Moved thru the Fair

A haunting song with mesmerizing lyrics, this is another example of the beauty of love even in the midst of the pain of love lost.

Call of the Fires

My Aunt Beryl wrote poetry, and as I came upon this song, it really struck me. The music just flowed out and became a song. She really captured the imagery of The Autumnal Equinox.

I am a Maid

This traditional song speaks about a maid who follows her love across the sea
donning men’s clothing and joining a ship’s crew

Scarborough Fair

This is probably one of the most
famous old folk songs…
another one of Bobbie’ Jo’s favorites

Month of January

So many traditional songs tell the tale of jaded love, maidens left alone for the quest of bigger and brighter things…gold, power, or adventure…often with a babe at the breast.

Traditional Celtic Folk Songs, Angelic vocals

Night Time in Nevada

This was my parents’ favorite old folk song
Their harmonies were so beautiful
when they sang together

Such precious memories

The Water is Wide

This famous old folk song,
also called Waly Waly,
is one of Bobbie Jo’s favorites
I think she is not alone
This remake of a classic is mesmerizing!

Wayfarer Stranger

We are all wayfaring strangers in this world…all of us have the same path in that we will all return home to that Great Spirit in the Sky.

Drip Drop

This is a cute song I came upon while teaching chorus…thought it would be a nice addition

Bobbie Jo melding with the ethereal and
ancient sound of the harp

Water My Garden

As I awoke one morning with the “Oh, woe is me” feeling, I went out to water my garden and created a whole circle of a rainbow…the only shadow was me standing in the center of the circle. A huge reminder that we create our beauty, we are already standing in our pot of gold.

Danny Boy

This one is heavily requested
wherever Bobbie Jo plays…

Always brings a tear for the
memory of a Long Lost Love

Heartfelt Harp and S
oulfully Inspired Vocal deliverance

Bobbie Jo melding with the ethereal and ancient sound of the harp, Inspirational Traditional Harpist and Angelic Vocals