Wind Harp and Meditative Flute Music
Meditation Music,  Native American Flutes, Nature sounds, Wind Harp

Aeolian Dreams

Some of the most mesmerizing sounds come from such diverse elements as those that are combined on this recording

Imagine oneself on a mountain plateau with playful winds
caressing the string of a harp

I find great joy listening to my instrument
as it resounds the finger of the wind

I was certain that others would feel the same
hence this path was born

This recording seeks to enable to the listener’s ability to go within and without; exploring, through meditation,
a vast realm of feelings…
open and pure

The weaving journey takes you through forests with Celtic Harp and Wind along Rivers and Ocean Beaches whilst various Flutes, Drums and Percussion blend and dance

I played all of the instruments except for the Harp…
I let the wind play her

This is the Audiophile Digital Download version! ;-)
16bit 44.1 wav file

Discerning ears will prefer this
Pure uncompressed audio file!


Aeolian Dreams -
CD version with Jewel case & Artwork

$18 - Includes Shippings ;-)


Wind Harp and Meditative Flute Music, 
Meditative Music, soul soothing, Healing Music, connect with nature health and piece
Meditative Flute in Nature
Original hand carved artwork printing by Bobbie Jo Curley, Aeolian wind Harp

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