Hipnautical Recorded Live on Maui 7-17-12 Audiophile formats for Digital Download
Beatles on Harp

Across the Universe
The Beatles at their best
metaphysical transcendental spiritually philosophic
Song writing experimentation ;-)
And really put their heavy experimentations to deep lyrical content & entrance-ive melodies.

This song allows for a nice blend of enchanting
harp & guitar arrangements with almost
mystical vocal harmonies.


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Sara McLachlan was inspired by articles that she read in Rolling Stone about musicians turning to heroin to cope with the pressures of the music industry and subsequently overdosing.
Well I can’t realy say I feel sorry for some of those lost souls, especially the Kurt Cobain ‘Generation –X’ types that seem to like to shout on their CD pictures, “F-You!, You fans made me so damn rich & famous, now I’m miserable and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!”

Working in studios all my life I have witnessed some very sad ‘rock & roll lifestyles’.
Particulary a struggling lead singer that was strung out on any & many drugs. The producer would withhold the ‘fix’ until the singer was able to deliver a good vocal take & then rewarded him with a fix. This went on until the guy just lost his soul. The pressure to pull another lucky hit & get their contract renewed again created a stressful anxiety that was a living nightmare…not the dreamy ‘Rock & Roll lifestyle we all imagine. After all the hard work & constant touring, then the recording contract gets shit canned, so did his world. A year after working with him in the studio with a hit recorded to his credit, I was told he was killed himself in a crappy old hotel room.

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At Last

Bobbie Jo really shines on this tribute to Etta James
she always turns a few heads where ever we play this classic


Beatles & Hipnautical sing the

Because by the Beatles
Although this is not overtly
a song about sailing around the world,
To me it sings the sailors song…

“Because the world is round, it turns me on…”
So how about we go & sail all around on it….?
“Because the wind is high, it blows my mind…”
It’s all about the wind in your sails!
It drives us over the endless horizons
to the land of our dreams
“Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry…”

I have seen such beautifully blues skies
while sailing far off shore .... it’d put a tear in yer eye ;-)

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Everywhere I go by Jackson Brown
a true love song with a
get up dance in de island style groove.
When a true love is first blossoming it often renders the new lovers in a state of ‘La La’.
They day dream often & everywhere they go
every thing reminds them of their new love ;-)
Like at the grocery store…
“Rockin’ in the isle to my inside song,
people staring at me think I got a ‘Walkman’ on “

When Bobbie & were first dating I was in such a hurry to see her, I drove away from the gas station with the gas hose still in :-O
Another time, I was in such a big rush to see her that after rushing into pay for gas, I rushed right out & started driving on to see my honey…had to turn around & get the gas I paid for ;-) TRRrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv ;-)
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Enough to be on your way
by James Taylor

You may not be where you’d like to be in life now, but if you have something that drives you towards a goal, a destiny a destination or your next big move in life… you’re making steps towards those goals, so for now …

It’s Enough to at least be on your way toward those goals.

Sometimes when we were on long sailing passages & the wind would slow down a lot, so would we …but we wouldn’t fret as long as we were at least covering ground…
Then there is the other side of the coin, we’d often get too much wind all day & all night & all day &…so I
’d often have solace in that,
“It’s enough to be on your way It's enough just to cover ground
It's enough to be moving on Home Build it behind your eyes
Carry it in your heart Safe among your own “
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Good Enough
a Tom Petty song with lyrics by Roger Curley

Sometimes in life when something really cool comes your way,
it’s so good that if another day that cool never comes around again, well…
It was good enough just to have that moment of glory ;-)

Our Sailing Adventures is the highlight of our lifetime, a way of life that many can only dream of and for others is beyond their imagination…those awesome days,
if they never come again, they will still live in our memory ...
and it will always be ‘good enough’….

A fellow sailor friend told us as we sat in our boat anchored in crystal clear turquoise water with whales breaching everywhere among the absolute tropical splendor while we enjoyed boat drinks at yet another breathtaking sunset … ”Aw hell, I’ve seen so much beauty right here for a lifetime that if I die tomorrow, this alone would have made my life complete
and that's good enough!”

Tom Petty’s version talks of the love of a “wild child” gal…she was so wild, she drove her parents crazy & got the best of him too… but there was something about her, that only he could see…& that’s good enough…

That was “Hipnautical” to us…our ship, our home, our amazing challenge that only we could see, sweat and live for. She was a big sturdy ship, built like a ‘brick shit house’ & to others she may have had a ‘rough around the edges’ look… but to us she was everything! She was our magic carpet ride to paradise & beyond… that made our life complete & quite ‘Good Enough’ ;-)

Pure Sailing Bliss as “Your barefoot on the deck…and crankin’ in the main…you got a lot of sail on…hull’s hissin’ underway…. And if a day like this, never comes around again….well that’s good enough.”
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David Bromberg covered this, Tom Rush recorded it as ‘Child’s Song’ & he got it from Murray McLauchlan the original composer, ultimately performed by Hipnautical ;-)
Goodbye (Child’s Song) is a song about when ya grow up & reach the time to leave home. Starting out on your own for the first time is a scary but exciting time when you finally pack the car & give a tearful ‘Goodbye’ to mom & dad.
Yup that was a big day.
An even bigger day was when we went way out on a limb, put all our eggs in one basket & shoved it out to sea.
This is the view looking back towards our ‘home waters’ in Ventura California just after we sailed off towards the endless horizons, leaving our old lives, old home & secure job,…never to return again. Embarking on this lofty sailing adventure had plenty of things to be concerned about to stay on course & make it safely halfway around the world. But at least we had charts, weather reports & a radio net.
We sailed over 20,000 miles safely without a hitch, never got lost & sold the boat for more than we paid for her (NOT including what we put IN to her ;-)

When we said Goddbye & sold her last year, we started out on truly our scariest adventure….To start a new life in a new place, a place in which my professional career does not exist, so there goes my now useless college degree…A place where the young & cute rule the average employment possibilities, a place that we have had to literally re-invent ourselves in order to eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek out a living :-O
Even the hurricane force winds that we took in stride on our sailing adventures did not come close to the scary factor of returning to land life :-O
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In a Garden So Green

We like to say this is an ‘oldie but goodie’
since it’s from the 60’s…
A traditional Scottish song
from the 1660s... ;-)
Speaks of a lusty lady love who taunts her lover to meet her amongst the flowrs
"Elore, Elore',...I love my lusty love..."

It is written in very old Scottish speak...
"In a Garden so Green, in a May morning,
heard I my lady pleen (complain) of paramours...
said she 'My love so sweet, come you not yet, nor yet...height
(wouldn't you like?) you not me to meet amongst the flowrs...'
This picture was taken in New Zealand a very green place ;-)
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In the depths of our soul is where we accumulate a lifetime of questions,
the age-old questions of life times past, present & future…
Of things we should or shouldn’t have done…
Opportunities missed, longed for or languished…
There we keep the regrets of friendships lost or misplaced through some inevitable circumstance that has brought on

a heavy heart .

The mark of a true friend is one that won’t shrink from the fires
that burn up otherwise weak bonds.
When a true friend is lost or misplaced in the fury of our stormy lives
an emptiness settles into…
THE WELL OF THE SOUL   Bobbie Jo Curley


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Infinity by Al Stewart
Takes you along his heavy trip into Déjà vu, past lives & his curious connection with previous performers of a millennia ago as he once again performs at a certain grand old venue.

If you’ve ever had a chance to wander around an empty opera house,
you get a sense that if any place in the world had a chance to attract a ‘soul’s desire to re-live the glory days’, one could almost expect to see a ‘phantom of the opera’ "walk the backstage corridors and prowl the dressing rooms before vanishing back to a speck of light"…leaving you wondering about that curious sensation.

“So one more time I dim the lights and bring the curtain up,
And play again like all the times before
But far behind the music, you can almost hear the sounds
of laughter like
the waves upon the shores of infinity

* * * * *

So many places we anchored our boat like here in the Sea of Cortez
that we felt so blessed to be there.
In the calm moments, serenely floating on our boat,
if we listened carefully we could almost here
the sounds...
of Laughter like the waves upon the shores....of Infinity...

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Thru the many possible life times
we’ve had & shared
our souls have been shaped into
‘The One’ we are today
yet the details of our past existences
are more often just vague feelings
which leads us to ask
“how many times have we struggled to learn
to know, to love to feel”…

Perhaps if we are blessed, all of these ‘unknowns’ will become ‘Known’ in our souls as we fade …
INTO ONE by Bobbie Jo Curley


Mokohinau Islands New Zealand, Mokohinau nz, guitar sailboat Mokohinau, guitar on a beautiful island,

Mokohinau, an original instrumental piece by Roger Curley
On this version
Bobbie Jo plays a
Hale Crystal Flute in D

Mokohinau is an island off New Zealand which the local advise is
not to attempt to get near during
'unsettled weather'...

New Zealand has 'heaps' of unsettled weather
so it was a lucky few days of awesome natural beauty,
sea caves, time worn sandstone sculptures, crystal clear (cold as!)water ,
kayaking, snorkeling...& plenty of time to
play my guitar to the tune of this
temporarily tranquil place.


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An Al Stewart song that speaks of
Nostradamus's predictions...

Was he an evil genius?
Or a spiritual prophet ‘seer’ of prophetic proportions?

He based his predictions by assuming that "comparative horoscopy", the comparison of future planetary configurations with those accompanying known past events, could actually predict what would happen in the future.

Perhaps just by sheer numbers that
‘some’ of his prophecies came true.
For instance he was quite successful in the business of writing ‘Almanacs’.
One of Nostradamus’s Almanacs for only one year contained at least 6,338 prophecies, so after a life time he’s bound by dumb luck to get at least a few close enough.

From skeptics to ‘cool aid swilin’ cult-sters’ to deep thinkers alike…
Nostradamus so totally Rocks for a song story line ;-)
Plus it starts out a bit nautical ;-)

“In the East the wind is blowing the boats across the sea
And their sails will fill the morning and their cries ring out to me.
Oh man, man your time is sand your ways are leaves upon the sea.”

Hipnautical pictured here on Suwarrow Atol
in seas that will soon build to over 45 knots :-O
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Shed a Little Light by James Taylor

Let us turn our thoughts today
to Martin Luther King
And recognize…
that there are ties between us
All men and woman
Living on this earth

Ties of hope and love
of Sister and brother hood
we are bound together,
in our desire to see the world become,
A place in which our children can grow free and strong.
We are bound together, by the task that stands before us,
and the road that lies a head.
We are bound and we are bound.


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The Water is Wide - James Taylor
The water is wide,
keeping lovers separated
longing for a boat to take them to
where their hearts desire...
The ocean is deep, but not as deep their love; together they will
build a boat, that can will carry them to where their dreams take them...
& both shall sail, My love & I

…Heck, that’s what we did ;-)

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An original song by Bobbie Jo Curley
Celtic Harp/Voice with her husband
Roger Curley on Guitar and Vocals

Written in the parking lot of the
Safeway grocery store
by our house here on Maui

We are reminded that
is really of no essence
It will keep marching on,
wearing your shoes down or
possibly giving you what you need...
What do
you need?
What do
we need?
Maybe just a smile or an open hand...
greeting each other in friendship and dignity.

Live Aloha

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Wild Wild Sea by Sting
Performed by HIPNAUTICAL

Hipnautical re-creates the tale of the young son of a boat builder that is looking forward to sailing away from their dirty old industrial town that keeps his father working like a slave 6 days a week. The dream of a better way of life & the freedom of the sea is all the two could think about as they toiled thru the endless boat work.
Those dreams turn to nightmares as his father is killed on the job.

Viking Mythology tells of a sailing ship that carries the souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla… the afterlife.
This deep lyrical song envelops this mythology…

That night the son finds himself walking thru his slumber & wades out into the sea strand, then is compelled to swim out to sea under the ‘moon & her lover’
He swims until the night becomes morning, as he sees, a black sail in the reddening sky, soon finds himself on the deck of a rolling ship, so far where no grey gulls fly…

On a ship that’s purpose is to provide a safe passage to the afterlife, the passage & their fate is in the strength of ship’s sailors & the quality of the fallen souls aboard.
The ship is caught in a storm of the gods, their strength of character & mettle is tested. On this harsh occasion the ‘bridge to heaven ‘ is broken & the son finds himself on his father’s ship... both lost on the wild wild sea.

When Hipnautical would perform at venues along our sailing adventure, our fellow sailors would be captivated by their own fears of being lost at sea…
A predicament we all would love to avoid but captivates our nautical audiences with the dreaded thought of being lost on the wild wild sea.