... a wee bit about us ;-)
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We bring the Soul of the South Pacific together with the Spirit of Aloha
for the benefit of joining loving couples in the deepest expression of love

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We sailed the South Pacific for nearly four years on our sailboat Hipnautical…
there’s heaps more pix & stories there if you're into
real life Sailing Adventures to far away remote tropical islands….

Bobbie Jo performed a wedding during our Sailing Adventures on a very remote Atoll:

Here’s how we got the harp to shore ;-)

Bobbie Jo has been participating in weddings for over 30 years
spreading her
'Un-Conditional Aloha'
to every cool soul she meets!

Bobbie Jo offers musical elegance to any wedding

If you prefer the ceremony from a man's hand,
I continue my ship Captain's duties here on Maui by the sea ;-)
(Hi. lic 2013-02721)

Harp Guitar & Vocals - Duet
Soulful Melodies
Artful Musicianship
Deep Meaningful Lyrics
Blending Smooth Vocal Harmonies &
Tasteful Musical Arrangements

mr. Hipnautical
Solo Acoustic
Guitar Arrangements
& Compelling Vocals

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