Glide along & enjoy the tropical island scenery &
Live music of Hipnautical as we sail along with Capt'n Barry & Samantha.

Hipnautical was the name of the sailboat my wife Bobbie jo, son Robin & I sailed for nearly 8 years,
nearly four years spent cruising far & remote watery worlds between California & New Zealand.

The first song 'Good Enough', tells our story of fantastic Sailing Adventures....
Days so good that if another day like those never come around again....
well, that would still be 'Good Enough'...
we've had enough sailing fun to last a lifetime ;-)

...Of course we can never get enough 'time on the water' &
thanks to my coolest Maui Friends Barry & Sam we get to step off land & go sailing here on Maui.

The only thing we don't like about sailing '
OUT' of Lahaina....
is that we have to sail
Back to Lahaina....We just want to keep sailing on ;-)

But when we returned to the docks in Lahaina, we were blessed with a
grand Rainbow display.

We'll be back to voyaging the world's oceans but for now it's time to have fun in the
Luv Biz ;-) ...

www.The Maui Marrying
and his
Marvolously Musical
Marrying Muse