The Maui Marrying Man & his Amazing Maui Minister Marrying Muse ;-)
Heartfelt & Soulful Ceremonies for Simple Maui Destination Weddings & All Inclusive Wedding Packages
'Beach Weddings' on a Tropical Island or Tropical Island Garden Weddings on Maui.
So have Your Hawaiian Wedding with the Maui Marrying Man & 'Get Married on Maui' !
Be a part of our Un-Conditional Aloha
We make you feel right at home on our Tropical Island Paradise!

Video Gallery

Maui is the world's leading Wedding Destination
Have some fun & take yourself away to all the fun things to do here while you get Married on Maui.

My Maui Ocean Sailing & Surf Ski Kayak videos take you Right on the Water
with captivating moving still shots blended into the video.
Be right there on the foothills of holy
Haleakala's Heavenly Heights as I
Mountain Bike there right from our humble Ohana to the sounds of my
Heavy Jazz Fusion band free form jamming to match the incredible dynamics of the ride....

See Bobbie Jo performing Theatrical Vocals in the Choir of Haydn's Creation &
Havin' fun with her
'Gang of Harpists' at Maui's Premiere Opera House

See the Tropical Splendor of Maui's lush rainforest as
Bobbie Jo Performs her Harp & Vocals beside a tranquil babbling brook.

You can see some of our Live Duet Videos &
my Solo Acoustic Guitar Videos has some
rare mid-ocean Sailing Adventures clips!

GoPro Action Videos
Sailing Maui
Surf Ski Kayakin'

Mountain Bikin' Haleakala Volcano
to the Tunes of LIVE MONDAY BUDZ!
This Shizzel Sizzles!

Full Tour of Maui with
Reverend Roger & Bobbie Jo aboard a